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  1. Sample Code

    Code available for all examples on GitHub

  2. Useful Tips

    Things that I have found useful along the way

  3. Edge Case Scenarios

    Sometimes not everything is covered in a normal day

  4. Crazy Ramblings

    yeah, ok sometimes I may go off the deep-end &shrug;

  5. No Marketing

    The only thing I am trying to sell is this book


Lightning Web Components is the latest way to developer UI elements for Salesforce. The official documentation is a great place to start when beginning to work your journey with LWC's. This book represents not a replacement of those documents but an extension. Built with from years of experience building web applications with HTML, JavaScript and CSS and then applied to the Salesforce ecosystem and LWC's.

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Brett M. Nelson

Brett Nelson is a software developer who has been working with since early 2016. Brett is a consultant who does Salesforce development. Prior to working in the Salesforce-land, Brett spent 4 years working with the .NET technology stack focusing on web development with MVC, Angular, TypeScript, and Aurelia.

Beyond the technology, Brett is passionate about continuous improvement through learning, sharing with others, and collaboration amongst the geek society.

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You can read Brett’s ramblings at and follow him on Twitter @BrettMN

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